Our Coaches


Assistant Coach - San Jose FIT

I joined San Jose Fit in 2002 with a “simple” goal in mind – to finish a full marathon, or a half. And if not even that, then at least do something which does not require a computer. I ran my first half at San Francisco, then the Silicon Valley marathon, and I was hooked. I started to coach in 2005 and became a head coach in 2007. In 2010, on the 2500th anniversary of the marathon, I ran the Athens Classic Marathon, Greece. It starts at Marathon city, follows Pheidippides’s original marathon course, and ends at the Panathinaikon Olympic stadium, Athens. I took many pictures along the way – what an inspiring race! But what really changed my life are all the friends I made in SJF, who support me all along this journey. See you on the trails.

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