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 Organizer  Georgiana
Eric Blue and Green Marathon < 9 min/mile
Yellow Marathon 9 – 10:45 min/mile
Don Red Marathon > 10:45 min/mile
Sue Purple All Walkers
Don W Orange Half Marathon


Marathon Coaches




7:00-8:00 Todd Morimoto run
8:00-8:15 David Pulvino
Mark Thibert run
Gordon Yamate 
8:45-9:00 Eric Lacher
 9:00-9:30 Ramesh Nair  
9:30-9:50 Shannon Thibert  
Michael Silberman
9:50-10:10 Nat Nataraj  
Trevor Vaz
10:10-10:45  Georgiana Boewer   
Adwait Samant
Joydeep Chakravarti
10:45-11:30 Amy Schaumburg 6 min/1 min
Bill Dumonthier
Paul Wcislo
Don Dickey  6 min/1 min
Zoë Mount
Roy Henninger
12:00-12:30 Paula Goldman 90 sec/30 sec
Sean Mackin
Linda McLean
12:30-13:30 Irene Bunner 90 sec/30 sec
13:30-15:00 German Bauer 1 min/1 min
Tara Nelakanti
15:00-16:00 Mary Carter walk
16:00-17:00 Denise San Bartolome walk


Half Marathon Coaches




8:00 – 9:00 Dave Collins run
9:00 – 10:00 Anthony Gates run
 10:00 – 10:30  Teri Pierce run
Kim Ferro
10:30 Rose Lara run
Lisa Gates
 10:30 – 11:00 Sharon Keegan 6 min/1 min
Daiyana Constantino
Jagan Satagopan
11:00-12:00 John Van Schaick 6 min/1 min
12:00 – 12:30 Don Watson 6 min/1 min
Becky Bender
12:30-13:00 Al Simpson 6 min/1 min
Shanti Thirumalai
13:00-14:30 Ileen Dranchak
Surekha Pol
Srinivas Gunda
<14:00 Ronit Katz walk
15:00-16:00 Sue Craft
Felicia McKee
16:00-17:00 Curt Wilson
16:00-17:00 Vickey O’Hara walk to run
walking with running slowly added in
Srilatha Swami
17:00-18:00 Sandra Prietz walk
18:00-19:00 Sairam Konala
19:00-20:00 Kriba Narasimhan
Champa Yellamilli
21:00 Carolyn Griffin
Exercise Debra Wilson
Joy Chism


Class Coaches

Aracely Core Conditioning
Mark Speed Workout
Arnon and Lara ATP

Coaches-Only Page


Pace Coach - ATP

I joined San Jose Fit in 2002 and soon ran my first half at the San Francisco Marathon. I was thrilled! Since then I have run the San Francisco marathon every year, half or full. I started coaching in 2005, was head coach (2007-12) and organizer (2013-14). In 2011 I started coaching the Advanced Training Program (ATP) – Light, which is a funny name for training really hard to run “effortless”. My most special marathon was the 2010 Athens Classic Marathon, following Pheidippides’s original course (the 2500th Anniversary!) from Marathonas to Athens, finishing at the Panathinaikon Olympic stadium. But what really changed my life is all the friends I made in SJF, who support me along this journey. See you on the trails.



Pace Coach - ATP

I started running to get fit, but never really enjoyed it until I got off the treadmill, hit the trails and ran my first race (4.2 miles). The feeling upon crossing the finish line was amazing, but it wasn’t until I joined San Jose Fit in 2010 that I discovered true joy in running and not just at the finish line. With the support of this wonderful community, I’ve run several marathons and half marathons and even my first ultra (50K). I’m honored to be coaching for a third year. I look forward to seeing you on the trail and supporting you in reaching your goals.

“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” – Unknown



Pace Coach - Core Class

Aracely, is a Senior Chi Running® Instructor since 2004 and Certified Chi Walking Instructor since 2005, she has been personally trained and mentored by Danny Dreyer, the founder of Chi Running®/Chi Walking® techniques. Runner for over 15 years, Aracely experienced the running’s challenges, injuries, and physical pain of power running. But, after coming across Danny in 1999, she immediately booked a personally 1 on 1 with him on the Chi Running® technique. She will never forget that summer day in June 1999 when she run 5 miles with Danny as her running Coach…it was the first time she felt such of enjoyment in running, her running thinking changed for ever, now she enjoy running without the physical pain.

Aracely lives in San Jose, California and had traveled to Los Angeles, Texas, San Francisco, Netherlands assisting Danny and Masters instructors in certifying the next generation of instructors as well on assisting on workshops. She also teaches these techniques to groups and private citizens.

Aracely is also a certified Pilates Mat and Equipment instructor…and marathon Coach since 1999 . She has been a coach and member of San Jose Fit, Run 365 and Nike Club Run. She has completed 24 marathons pain Free!! She earned Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do in 1999. Aracely’s teaches with passion, she loves to share her running experience with others.  She also Teaches a Core Class for runners/walkers which runners/walkers really loves!



Pace Coach - Purple

I have completed multiple half marathons and have been coaching for Personal Best for a few years. I have been a part of the program most all of the seasons. This is my third year coaching the 10K walking group.

I am a 20-year breast Cancer survivor, my motivation is to stay that way. I am also 5-years post-op total hip replacement, so I walk with a purpose because I want to thrive gracefully and be completely mobile until the day I go home to be with Jesus. My goal is to be an example of excellent health to others. No matter what challenges we face, we can always overcome any challenge in life; with a good positive mental attitude and a healthy active lifestyle.


Pace Coach - Purple

I did my first full marathon, the Maui Marathon, in 2002. I have been with San Jose Fit since 2009 and completed both full and half marathons with them. I have been an assistant coach since 2010. My walking pace 12.45 to 14 minutes per mile depending on the distance. 

I am looking forward to coaching this year and helping people accomplish their goals. 



Pace Coach - Purple

I joined San Jose Fit in 2013 as a walker.  I wanted a group to walk with and did not have a marathon goal.
I enjoyed the season and joined again the following years. My first Half Marathon was Rock and Roll, 2014.
I had to concentrate too seriously for it to be “fun”, but I was happy and proud of the experience. The friendships and camaraderie are wonderful and I look forward to my first year as assistant coach for the walkers.


Pace Coach - Purple

I started running in high school when our cross country coach let 7 girls join the boys cross country team since there was not a girls league at the time.  I continued to run for fun during college, as it helped me deal with stress.   After college I ran less as life got busy with work and family.   In my late 30’s I took up running again.   I did several 10k’s and then decided to try a half marathon.   But I did not train properly and it was a disaster since I did absolutely everything wrong.  I then came across a sign in the window of a Los Gatos shop advertising San Jose Fit and decided to join.   That was in 2003.   I ran and coached until 2012 when I had to have knee surgery.   After healing from my surgery,  I broke my foot and had to take another year off from SJ Fit.     The doctor advised that I should not run anymore.  So in 2014 I came back as a walker.   I found out that you can still get a great work out walking.  Hope to see you all out there!

Sairam Konala

Pace Coach - Purple

Hello Fitters,
This is Sai aka King of Potatoes. I am with San Jose Fit for the last 6 years. I am a walking coach with over 20 half marathons.
I take each mile at a time and believe in Finishing Strong. Let’s have a great season together and become a fitter for life.
A marathon puts the Tiger in the Cat. Let’s Roar together.


Head Coach - Purple

I loved running for over 20 years until I endured a serious injury that literally knocked me off my feet. After a year of rehabbing my leg enough to walk, I joined the San Jose Fit Walkers in 2005 and found that love again. Between their humor and continuous encouragement, they got me to 22 miles and I haven’t sat down since. In 2007 I began coaching because I thoroughly enjoy giving others that same support. So, whether you’re a “retired” runner seeking an endorphin rush again, or someone just now getting in motion, I am fully committed to helping you reach your goal.



Pace Coach - Purple

I first joined San Jose Fit in 2010 so that I could get myself in shape. I completed my first half as a run/walker. After injury I came back as a walker in 2013 and completed a full marathon! I figured if I couldn’t go faster (running) I’d go further. I enjoy sharing my acquired love for miles with my family and friends so it’s an honor and a privilege to be an assistant coach. I truly know that if I can do this, you can too!


Pace Coach - Purple

Biker, Runner, Walker. I learned to run before learning how to be a walker. I was hooked after a friend talked me into running a 4 mile race between Saratoga and Los Gatos. During the following years I ran over 50 10K’s and over 25 half marathon’s. My first full marathon was the beautiful Avenue of the Giants marathon. Other marathons include Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Marine Corp, and London. After running 12 marathons, I now enjoy walking. Walking keeps me in shape for hiking mountain trails and back packing in the Sierra’s. Biking is my favorite cross training activity.

I joined Austin Fit in 1997, moved to San Jose and joined San Jose Fit when it started in 1998. The
friendly runners/walkers at SJ Fit plus the great training keeps me coming back for more.


Pace Coach - Orange

Running is an exercise for both, the mind and the body. It is about finding out what you can achieve and who you can become!

I have been involved with distance running for over 15 years.  My experience comes from running a variety of 10k races, half and full marathons. In my role as running coach with San Jose Fit, I will be there for you along the way, offering support and guidance – so you can reach your personal goals or your personal best!

Srinivas Gunda

Pace Coach - Orange

Running is nothing more than a series of arguments between the part of your brain that wants to stop and the part that wants to keep going. The feeling of crossing the finish line is thrilling & amazing, Hiking , Runner & Biking is something I enjoy doing, I have done many hikes and Joined San Jose in 2016. Running is an exercise for both your mind and the body.

My favorite lines “We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.”

Surekha Pol

Pace Coach - Orange

Hello everyone! I joined sjfit in 2017 and ran my first Half Marathon in October 2017. I have always enjoyed running since my childhood. I was a 100 and 200 meters sprinter in highschool then turned into more of an endurance runner in college.

Running stopped for a while after I entered the profession of Physical Therapy where many other forms of exercise took over. One of them is Yoga and now I am certified and use it in my practice.

Overall, exercise has been my passion which is why I enjoy Physical Therapy where I can combine my experience and knowledge to help myself and others. San Jose fit has great coaching and I would love to contribute in whatever way I can while learning from each one of you. Thank you for giving me such a wonderful platform and opportunity!


Pace Coach - Orange

I’ve been running/coaching with San Jose Fit since 2011 with the half-marathon group. This pace is ideal for first time runners and those that are getting back into running/jogging and want to start out slower (you can change groups anytime).

I was a Pilates Trainer and started running with the Stevens Creek Striders.  There is a lot of power in a group to propel and energize you through training runs.  I especially love running hills and encourage everyone to  come out for the hill runs at Rancho which starts in the summertime.

My favorite quote is “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”



Pace Coach - Orange

I joined SJ Fit in 2015. Although I had been running on and off for 10+ years (and had run 2 marathons), I took a few years off and was looking to join a group that would motivate me to be consistent.

Joining the group has been a great experience. It’s great to meet up with a group of people who share the same enjoyment of running and accomplishing a goal. I have also learned a lot of useful tips and tricks along the way.


Pace Coach - Orange

Despite the fact that I swore up and down to never run another half marathon in my life, this is currently my third year with San Jose Fit. I only started running 5 years ago, and have found there is nothing that compares with the support, comradery, and friendship that you gain from running with a group. Since that first excruciating half marathon back in 2013, I have been able to complete 8 half marathons with a PR of 2:13 due to my wonderful pace coaches Teri and Danita. I also learned that I love trail running and look forward to seeing all new and returning runners out there this year!

Al Simpson

Pace Coach - Orange

I like running because my wife tells me I do.

I started with San Jose fit in 2017 with absolutely 0 running experience and found that I actually enjoy it. Getting out there every Saturday and meeting up with this fun energetic group of people is a great way to start the weekend. And if you love hills like some of us crazies, make sure to come out on Monday’s.

Coming into this I had no goals or expectations. I wasn’t even sure I would last the whole season, but as the weekends kept coming and the miles kept adding up I realized what I thought was impossible at the start, 13.1 miles, was not so impossible after all.

John Van Schaick

Pace Coach - Orange

John first ran with San Jose Fit in 1999. He has since completed 7 marathons and 2 1/2 marathons. This is his 3rd year as a San Jose Fit coach.

Shanti Thirumalai

Pace Coach - Orange

I am Shanti Thirumalai. Being a Californian, I love outdoors. Other than running, I play soccer.

Running is fun and challenging. I like to run because it gives me good ‘me time’ while helping me to stay physically fit. I love to run the trails and almost never run on treadmills anymore. After my 3rd half marathons, I learnt that it is all a mind game. Your body can sense what your mind is telling you quickly during the races, and reacts very fast to that. So, it is important to keep the mind positive to support your body. Running a race requires planning, effort and energy. Plan well, work hard, energize well and have fun training!!

Next to running, teaching is close to my heart. I have been volunteering my time for teaching kids my language at International Tamil Academy for the past 10 years and enjoy it very much.


Pace Coach - Orange

This is my 5th year running and my second year co-coaching. I started by walking for stress relieve. Completed my first half marathon walking. Then my second year I decided to challenge myself and moved up to running. Even with the challenges of a new baby, I found that I enjoyed my run/walk group. I completed my second half marathon running. Now, I have no excuse. If I did it with a new baby, I have no excuse to keep my self-motivated.
​As a result, I have completed many 5k & 10k’s and  a few 1/2 marathons. I have encouraged many of my friends and family members to join me in being active.

Don Watson

Head Coach - Orange

I started running with San Jose Fit in 2000 because I saw this group of people running by my house in their underwear each Saturday morning and thought “WOW! What a bunch of loonies! My kind of people!”.

Seriously, my goal is always to get every runner through the training program and to the start line healthy and ready to run. Once they “toe it up” at the start line, they will KNOW that they can “Git er Done!”.

Each year I see people cross the finish line in their first half or full marathon and I know that this group of coaches and their fellow runners combined to make a very memorable “first” in that person’s life. That’s why I enjoy this group every year.


Becky Bender

Pace Coach - Orange

Are you intimidated by how many marathons and half marathons all these
coaches have run? Don’t be! I was in your shoes once. I was definitely not a
natural born runner. The thought of running any distance only inspired me to
take a nap! Run a marathon? Are you kidding? Furthermore, I started running
very late in life. Never mind. Now people assume I’ve been running all my life!
(Yeah right – if they only knew!) If I can do it, almost anyone can. I’m living

Come on out and have fun with us! Our goal is to provide you with the support
you need to achieve whatever goal you set for yourself – and to have lots of fun
along the way. And in case you are wondering if anything qualifies me to be a
coach, I have completed 7 full marathons and countless half marathons. But who
is counting anyway?

Dave Collins

Pace Coach - Orange

I was an active, competitive runner for short distances from high school until my thirties.  I picked up running again a couple of seasons ago with San Jose Fit, and have really enjoyed the camaraderie and improving times in my half marathons.  I look forward to another year of good friends and hard runs.


Pace Coach - Orange

I am relatively new to San Jose fit, this will be my second year in the program and it was such a great experience I thought it would be great to come back and help coach.  I been back in running for about a year now after taking the last 10 years off, and met a bunch of great people to help me achieve my individual running goals in a very welcome and supporting environment.   With the support of the program in my first year, I was able to knock over 30 minutes off my Half PR time. I look forward to a new year and the new and returning runners.


Pace Coach - Orange

I have been running with San Jose Fit’s Half Marathon group since 2011. I regularly run in San Jose Rock and Roll and Morgan Hill races along with our group and have completed nearly 10 Half Marathons. I am excited to join and assist Sharron and Daiyana in coaching our group this year.


Pace Coach - Orange

I joined SJ Fit the first year it was formed and ran my first Marathon with the group.  I was extremely impressed how the group got me, a non-runner at the time, through the training program and gave me the tools to complete the Marathon.  I have been with the group on and off since then and started coaching when the 1/2 marathon group was formed.  I have coached both the straight runs and run walk styles.
I have embraced the run walk style after a few running injuries and find it works the best for me.  The pace group I coach is a 6:1 with a 10:30 – 11:00min mile average pace.  Over the years I have run 1 marathon and about 30 or so half marathons and too many 10ks and 5ks to count.  I look forward to a fun 2016 season and meeting new runners!


Pace Coach - Orange

I joined San Jose Fit six years ago with a friend not really knowing what I was getting myself into, I never even ran more than 2 miles. With the support of my awesome pace coach (Teri), and the friends I made on the trail, I completed my first half! As many runners do, I caught the itch, and signed up for more and more races to beat my personal goals! Since then I’ve completed over 15 half marathons and my first FULL marathon in Oct 2015. Now that I’m a coach, I get to help others accomplish their own personal goals.



Head Coach - Red

I have been a runner most of my life but never ran more than 5 miles at one time until joining San Jose Fit in 2006. In 2006, I ran my first 10K, my first two half marathons, and my first marathon at the age of 50. I could not have run my first marathon without the support of my friends at San Jose Fit or any of the marathons or ultras since. I started coaching in 2009, and it has been a lot of fun watching new runners succeed at their first marathon. Since 2006, I have run five 10K’s, 13 half marathons, ten marathons, one marathon relay, two 50K’s, one 50 miler and countless miles in training.



Pace Coach - Red

I worked for the firm that started the Chicago Marathon, did a promotion for a client sponsoring the 1st U.S. Women’s Olympic Marathon Trials in 1984, and ran my first marathon in Paris where my longest distance was 6 miles. No kidding!  It took me 7 more marathons to beat that time. I introduced my 4 brothers to marathons in 1994 when we all completed the New York Marathon. My twin, Dave, and I completed marathons in all 50 states in 2014. And we will be running the Mt. Kilimanjaro Marathon in June after summiting the mountain the day prior. Only 3 more continents left to complete all 7.

Most exotic marathon:  Great Wall of China

Hardest : Pike’s Peak

Most fun:  Anyone with family, now that my sister has begun.

Come live the adventure with me.


Pace Coach - Red

This is my 14th year with San Jose Fit. I never thought I could run a marathon but with the support and terrific coaching ran my first marathon at the age of 56 and have run 24 marathons and numerous other races. I have been coaching with the red full marathon group for 9 years. Supporting and encouraging my runners as they develop into marathon runners, is especially rewarding for me.

Our team will be running a 90 second/30 second interval approach. Our team won’t be the fastest but you will be supported every step of the way. Creating a fun and encouraging environment is MY goal to helping you reach YOUR goal. Come join our team!

Linda McLean

Pace Coach - Red

Red Group: I will be coaching with Sean and Paula with the 90 / 30 interval.

Classes: Jeff Galloway Monterey interval method, Chi running with Aracely. Lew’s walk n Run.

Trained with Lewis Cramer, Bertha Bock , Sean Mackin, Don Dickey, Irene Bunner, Zoe Mount, Paula Goldman, Amy Schumburg.

Races: 5k, 10k ,13.1, 26.2 , 25K and 50K.

Personal: Love my family, my dogs and chickens . Enjoy trail running.

Looking forward to the 2018 running season.


Pace Coach - Red

I have been running marathons since 2004, when I first started with San Jose Fit.   I have a marathon or two each year. My favorites so far are Rome and Santa Clarita. I am a solid red runner, and can always be counted on for a joke, even at mile 21 on a training run!


Roy Henninger

Pace Coach - Red

2018 will be year #4 for me with San Jose Fit. So far I have run (completed may be more factually accurate) 4 marathons. This will be my first year coaching for San Jose Fit. I have previously coached youth soccer, and although the crossover between soccer and running may not be immediately obvious, if you are in my group it is something we can explore together. But if at any point I start yelling at the ref I want you to know where I’m coming from. My philosophy of coaching is that the most important thing is not getting to the finish line. The most important thing is getting to the start line. Once there, might as well finish, no?


Pace Coach - Red

I have finished one 50k and many marathons.


Pace Coach - Red

I joined San Jose Fit in 2011 and have been delighted to co-coach Team Red One since 2013. I also help with the social media and FitNews newsletter, so if you have questions or are not receiving the newsletter, please email me at amy@sanjosefit.com

As of this season, I’ve completed 30+ half marathons, two relay marathons, 14 full marathons, three ultra marathons and two Half Ironman Triathlons.

Along the way, I have had the honor of training with some of the most fabulous people I could ever hope to meet and am proof that the San Jose training experience works! Not only will you have the confidence and endurance to run a marathon, but you will meet people that will change your life. Show up, have fun, run the schedule and you WILL achieve your goals.



Pace Coach - Red

I ran on and off for years, but never seriously.  Then I trained for and completed my first marathon in 2007 after dropping 40 pounds.  I joined San Jose Fit the next year.  Along the way,  I realized that running is my meditation, and helps me stay calm in a hectic environment.  I’ve completed 11 full marathons and 11 half marathons,  and still feel passionate about running.  I coach because I enjoy the moment when each runner comes to the realization the he or she has the strength and determination to complete a full marathon.


Pace Coach - Red

I joined San Jose Fit in 2003 and started as an assistant coach in 2004. I have run 18 marathons since my first in 1979 and 35 ultra marathons. In 2015 I completed my longest race (101.2 miles) at age 63. My running goals this year are to pace my son at the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run and to qualify for the Western States lottery. I look forward to another great year of running fun.

German Bauer

Pace Coach - Red

Have been with San Jose Fit since 2014. I am not fast by any standards — running is joy for me, as it is meditative quality time for mind and body. I am far from my best form but San Jose Fit’s methodology and coaching is a great way to get used to go the distance, with the goal of staying injury free throughout the training season. When it comes to race day it feels like harvesting the work you did with all of during the season.

I also enjoy riding my bike and did a few triathlons in the past. We will run in 1min run : 1min walk intervals and this is a great technique to extend yourself to distances you never thought you’d be able to cover. You got this!

Tara Nelakanti

Pace Coach - Red

I started running in Fall of 2015. Before that I never ran a mile in my life. Never believed that I could run a mile. After joining San Jose Fit in 2016, I finished 4 half marathons, one full marathon, and one relay (191 miles). I am so excited to train/pace-coach with Red team, my favorite 13:30 to 15 min a mile group (1 min run 1 min walk. ) Believe me, with this pace group you can easily finish a marathon injury-free with joy, love, and peace.

Love you Subbu!! for introducing me to SJ Fit and of course to running 🙂

My slogan is: “If I could run, anyone can run!!”


Pace Coach - Yellow

I’ve been running with San Jose fit since the first season in 1998. Along the way I’ve taken some time out to do other things, but I’m back again to have fun with everyone again, this year.
Back in 1998, I thought this would be a one time event. That I’d run my one marathon and that would be it. Cross it off my bucket list and be done. How wrong I was.
Since then I’ve completed 48 marathons ( I’ll complete numbers 49 and 50 this season ) along with sixteen 50k runs, three 50 mile runs, and 40 half marathons.


Pace Coach - Yellow

I joined San Jose Fit in 2013. My goal was to check off a bucket list item – to complete a full marathon before I turned 50. After completing my first marathon, I was hooked and I continued with San Jose Fit and participated in many other races. Through the years with San Jose Fit, I received a lot of help, encouragement and training for which I am very grateful. This year I volunteered to coach for the first time.

Running for me is like meditation. My mind is serene and calm while my body is outdoors getting its exercise. I view running as a competition with oneself. There will always be runners faster than you and who can run longer than you. What matters is how well you are doing relative to where you were. San Jose Fit provides an excellent structure and coaching to help you improve your running capabilities.


Organizer - Yellow


I started running with San Jose Fit in 2002. Since then I’ve run many marathons, half marathons, trail runs and fun-runs. I’m also a yearly walker and supporter for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. A firm believer in the philosophy ‘no runner/walker left behind’, I ensure every runner crosses the finish line.  I, attribute my long association with running and San Jose Fit to the incredible bonds I’ve forged with my co runners/walkers over the years.




Pace Coach - Yellow

Never having run a single mile in my life, I started treadmill running in 2004 with the simple goal of losing a few pounds and instantly got hooked.

But even after running regularly in the gym for years, I could never run more than 6 miles, and it all changed when I joined San Jose Fit. With experienced and passionate coaches, “training to suit your needs,” and the amazing comrades I met at San Jose Fit, I have completed 57 Half, 27 Full, 8 50K, one 50M and one 100K races.

Tahoe Triple and Napa are my favorite races & Rancho San Antonio, Castle Rock, and Mission Peak are my favorite trails.

My advice to new runners is – cherish your success at every mile. No one can describe the feeling of crossing the finish line; you have to experience it yourself. Come, join us and experience it!



Head Coach - Yellow

I have been running with San Jose Fit since 2012. San Jose Fit provides an excellent and flexible training platform that accommodates a multi-pace Walking and Running program. I enjoy running and look forward to the Saturday long runs.

I have been pacing the 9:50 – 10:10 pace group and I usually mix in some walk/run intervals on longer runs.

I have completed over 15 Marathons, Half- Marathon and a couple of ultra distances ( 50K & 50mile) since 2012.


Pace Coach - Yellow

Before joining San Jose Fit in 2010, my longest run had been less than 5 miles. The idea of running a marathon seemed crazy, but I was a little curious about training for a half marathon.  On the day of the San Jose Fit orientation, I intended to sign up with the half marathon training group, but at the last minute I decided to get crazy and just try training for a full marathon.  I still recall the excitement of each new distance we achieved that first year of training.  Since then I have successfully completed 10 marathons, 5 50ks, and too many half marathons to count.  I am grateful for all of the friendships, knowledge and inspiration I have gained by joining San Jose Fit.  Being part of this community of runners helps motivate me to get out of bed for morning runs, train consistently, and achieve goals that I previously did not think were possible.  I look forward to sharing my experience to help you successfully achieve your running goals and enjoy the journey along the way.


Pace Coach - Yellow

Running was never something I wanted to do for fun. Until, I met a young lady when I was in High School that ran marathons. Then I wanted to run as far as a fast as she could to impress her. That didn’t work out, but I loved the feeling of running long distances. During college I ran a few times a week from West Vally College to IBM on Cottle Road to get to work. Until 2008 I had never trained for an organized running event. While training with SJ Fit in 2008 through 2012 I ignored the coaching and continued to get injured just before completing an event. Giving up all hope until 2014 of being a Marathon runner. I did complete one Half Marathon in 2012. I rejoined SJ Fit in 2014 thanks to my wife and volunteered to coach in a Half Marathon group as a sweep to force myself to go slower, walk, and listen to the coaching. Now I’ve run several Half Marathons and at least 3 Marathons without injury before getting to the start line. I love running and helping others to achieve their goal to run.


Pace Coach - Yellow

I started running with SJFit in 2007 and have been coaching various Yellow marathon pace groups since 2010. When I joined SJFit my goal was simple – be able to consistently run a few miles past the couple of miles I could then manage. As for a full marathon, well wouldn’t that be nice! Here’s an update. From a Red 12:00-12:30 min run/walk marathon pace group I’ve steadily progressed to now coach the Yellow 9:00-9:30 min marathon pace group. During this time, I’ve run several half-marathons and marathons (frankly, I lost count!) with every run memorable in its own way. Along the way I discovered a love for running trail ultras having done several 50K’s like Way Too Cool and Skyline to the Sea, the AR 50 miler and as recently as February 2018 I ran my longest, the Tarawera 102K Ultra in amazing New Zealand. This is just one example of what SJFit can inspire you to achieve, whether your goals are modest or ambitious. I’m passionate about coaching and pacing others to help them achieve their running goals. Join us and talk to other fitters and listen to their accomplishments while making new friends and running buddies. I’m always eager to listen to your running stories while sharing my own. My advice to new runners is to be safe and have fun. Ok, enough said, get your shoes on and let’s go for a run!


Head Coach - Green and Blue

Running a marathon had always been on my lifetime “To Do” list. I finally checked it off in the summer of 1999. Since then, I’ve lost track of the total number of marathons and ultra-marathons I’ve completed. My favorite marathon was the New York marathon in 2004. My favorite ultra was Western States in 2011. Most of what I’ve learned about running comes from either my own running experience or from my dad, Tom Kaisersatt. I’ve never been part of an official training group so this will be a new and fun experience.