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Pace Coach - Green

I’ve been running off and on since high school when I ran cross country (but not very well in those days). My distance running improved as I got older (more discipline), and now I attribute my good health to running and realize it’s a priority rather than an extracurricular activity when I have time. I’ve run four marathons—San Francisco Mayor’s Cup, Big Sur, Chicago and NYC, and plan to do NYC again this year. Christine Kennedy at Athletic Performance recommended that I join SJFit for marathon training. That was great advice—it’s a lot easier putting in the long miles when others were counting on you to be there. I’ve run with SJFit now for two years and have met a lot of great runners. When I was younger, I did experience the beta endorphins kicking in. Today, I tell people that the best part of running is when you’re done.


Pace Coach - Green

Track Coach

I started running with San Jose Fit in 2011.  I ran my first marathon that year.  Since then, I have run four or five marathons and three 50K races.  I was an assistant coach for the fast blue group in 2015 and I learned a lot from that experience.  Specifically, I learned that in order to go faster over 26 or more miles, I actually need to slow down on most of my training runs.  This year I am running slower and I hope to be able to share my experiences with those who are just starting out.

David Pulvino

Pace Coach - Blue

I originally joined San Jose Fit in 2001 in a Red Group; arm twisted by a co-worker. I had already run my first Marathon (training on my own) and made pretty much every mistake one could make. San Jose Fit provided a wealth of information and I have greatly benefited from the experience of other coaches/runners and enjoyed the camaraderie over the many years since. I finished my second Marathon in 5:42. You get out of running what you put into it (pretty much like everything else in life). I routinely finish Marathons under 4 hours these days. I’ve run many events since. In 2017, I ran 7 Ultras, 5 Marathons and 14 Halves.


Pace Coach - Blue

I joined SJ Fit about four years ago, and found many running friends.  Over the years, the blue group has inspired me to try and run faster.  I have qualified and run Boston Marathon four times with marathon best of 3:08 in CIM.  My goal is to run 50 marathons by end of this year, then continue to run 100 marathons by the time I am 60.  I would like to run under 3 hours for the marathon. I want to share my running wisdom gained over my 20 years of running and not running (injury).


Pace Coach - Green

I started running with San Jose Fit in 2002 with the yellow 9 minute/mile group and finished my first marathon that year. Since then, I’ve run well over 20 marathons and 3 50km races.

I started coaching in 2004 and my wife, Zoë, joined shortly after that so that she wouldn’t be a marathon widow. Now we both leave the kids at home on Saturdays and get a little time away from being parents. However, you give me the slightest clue, I’ll yack your ear off about kids!

These days I only run occasionally with San Jose Fit on Saturdays, but you may see me coaching anywhere between 7:30 and 8:45 pace. However, I rarely miss the Monday hill runs, the best part of training, so I’ll see you at Rancho!

I also tend the website, so if you see an issue, please email me.

My PR is marathon is 3:24 and I’m aiming to qualify for the Boston Marathon sometime in the next two years.



Pace Coach - Orange

I joined SJFit in 1998. I showed up at LGHS by myself not knowing what to expect. That October, I became a marathoner. And, the journey was just as rewarding as the event.
In 2008 SJFit expanded to include the half marathon program. It’s an excellent fitness program and our target race is San Jose Rock n Roll.
The best part about SJFit is the mix of new runners with veteran runners. We support and encourage each other.
So lace up your shoes and join us. Everyone is welcome.
The half marathon……..
half the distance, twice the fun!