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Pace Coach - Yellow

I started running with San Jose Fit in 2007 and have been coaching various Yellow marathon pace groups since 2010. When I joined SJFit my goal was simple – be able to consistently run a few miles past the 2 miles I could then manage at a run/walk pace. As for a full marathon, well wouldn’t that be nice! Here’s an update. From a Red 12:00-12:30 min run/walk marathon pace group I’ve steadily progressed to now coach the Yellow 9:00-9:20 min marathon pace group. During this time I’ve run around 15 marathons and just about that many half-marathons (frankly, I lost count!). This year I ran my first ultra, the Way Too Cool 50k. This is just one example of what SJFit can inspire you to achieve, whether your goals are modest or ambitious. Talk to other fitters and listen to their accomplishments while making new friends and running buddies. I’m always eager to listen to your running stories. My advice to new runners is to be safe and have fun while you run.


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